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Korean Braised Goat and Dumplings
Menu Selections:  Korean braised goat and dumplings, Crispy pork schnitzel, Seared gulf white shrimp, Seared gulf fish, Butter biscuits and chicken gravy

Leave it to my foodie friend with impeccable taste to pick out a place that I would fall in love with for a "girls" lunch.  She never steers me wrong (except for Goode Company BBQ...love you, hussy)!

While waiting for my friends to arrive, I began looking around and mentally taking notes (always looking, always judging) of the atmosphere.  What I saw completely made me feel at home and it heightened my anticipation of the meal to come.  It was an airy, open layout, which consisted of farm to table-esque furniture complete with reclaimed wood, industrial lighting, ladies who lunch, business men with ties, and Texas size cuts of raw meat hanging behind a window for all to gaze at.  The nonchalant, rustic, mismatched decor made me feel at home with my Southern roots reminescent of my Grandpa's farm, and the crowd excited me because it was one that I could tell knows their stuff. 

Also leave it to my foodie friend to order way too much food for the table.  But hey, no complaints here.  The braised goat and dumplings by far took the cake.  The meat was so tender that it melted in my mouth and had the same aphrodisiac affect as chocolate does, but tangier.  The shrimp and grits were, well, grits are just grits to me (nothing fancy there), but the jumbo shrimp was cooked perfectly, which believe it or not, does not happen too often at restaurants.  Snapper was in season so was served as the gulf fish, and it was THE largest chunk of snapper I've ever seen in my life.  The fish fell apart in my mouth, as it should.  I ordered the schnitzel just so I could say, "schnitzel", but have honesty never had it before so have nothing to compare it to.  It was thin yet so tender, and the batter was light with a teasing molasses flavor to it.  A new substitute for chicken with waffles, anyone??  The chicken and biscuits was exactly like chicken pot pie...but on steroids.  And the icing on this cake, ladies and gentlemen, was a superb wine list that I can't wait to meander through when I return for dinner.  They probably have good beer too, for those that love beer.  ;)

Crispy Pork Schnitzel

The service was simply on top of it.  Some of the best in town (I can only think of 3 or so that compare).  Great timing, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and not awkward.  Simply perfect. 

Will I be back?  Wait, what's the question? 

Check in out:  http://underbellyhouston.com/

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