Tango and Malbec - Galleria - South American

Menu Selections:  Ceviche, Ensalada Tango, Filet Mignon, Pure Dequesa, Coconut Flan, Rice Pudding and Tres Leches

 Some friends and I selected this restaurant during our Houston Restaurant "week", which consists of various restaurants preparing some of the items on their menu that they believe depicts them in the best light.  Some of the proceeds from Restaurant Week go to a cause, but it's also when Hustonians venture out to try new places since the food is offered at a discounted price.  Being the winos that we are and with "Malbec" in the name of the place, this was our obvious choice. 

We started out with the ceviche, which had more of the good stuff (shrimp, fish, etc.) than other restaurants, in comparison, and was perfectly marinated with he right amount of lime and cilantro.  It was further served in a mini "taco salad" shell, which made for an impressive presentation.  The salad that ensued had the perfect amount of a light lemon vinaigrette that complemented our ceviche quite nicely. After finishing our girly food, we ventured over to the manly spectrum and went with the steak.  The seasoning wasn't overbearing nor consisted of strong, exotic spices that some places use to mask the poor quality of the meat.  As Goldilocks once famously stated, it was just right.  It was, however, a little overcooked to my liking.  I guess Goldilocks can't have it all these days.  It was served alongside another manly order, mashed potatoes that was topped with a slightly sweet gravy and caramelized onions, which happen to be one of my favorite things in this world.  For dessert, we sampled all of the options they provided. 

The coconut flan was topped with a delightful caramel sauce, which could've used more coconut "flavor" in my opinion, but was overall light and sweet.  The rice pudding tasted like bland goulash.  And I'm typically not a fan of our last dessert, but this tres leches was the best I've eva had.  It was incredibly moist and sweet throughout, reminiscent of the sweet milk that you slurp up straight from the bowl after your lucky charms are finished. 

The atmosphere wasn't very happenin', but we did go a little earlier to take advantage of the $5 happy hour glasses of wine.  The waitstaff seemed a little off with some misinterpreted communication, but was overall knowledgeable and accommodating. 

Will I be back?  Definitely, it's perfectly suitable for a business dinner or happy hour.  Otherwise, it's just a little out of the way to venture with such great competition closer in. 

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