The Where, What, Why, Who, and How

             Upon moving to Houston, I discovered a new passion that was bound to happen sooner or later due to the tremendous amount of exposure this city has to offer….food!!! Well, great food, that is...and service…and atmosphere.  I have ample opportunity to eat at all the restaurants in town due to the nature of my day job, which includes wining and dining.  And comparing and critiquing them against the other just fell in place.  Since not everyone has the luxury of trying any restaurant whenever they please, I thought I’d share my personal experience with those that are looking for just the right fit any given time of the day.   I will say I’m not a “sugar coater” as most local reviews tend to be.  I will say exactly what’s on my mind…critiquing outside the box, with a geographical focus on inside the loop.  And I’m also aware that places can have their good days and bad days (like a stressed out boss), so “take it with a grain of salt” (corny cooking puns in quotations intended)!!

Masraff’s - Galleria Area - American

Menu Selections: New Zealand Bluenose Sea Bass in Citrus Crust, Sautéed Organic Mushrooms, Sweet Corn and Asparagus, Maple Infused Beurre Blanc