Masraff’s - Galleria Area - American

Menu Selections: New Zealand Bluenose Sea Bass in Citrus Crust, Sautéed Organic Mushrooms, Sweet Corn and Asparagus, Maple Infused Beurre Blanc

Upon arrival, we were immediately served with a basket of a variety of bread and olives to help you mull over the menu.  The sea bass I ordered had just arrived to the restaurant after a temporary bout of being out, so it seemed like a no brainer since it would be fresh.  The portion was more than plentiful and the presentation was gorgeous.  The fish was cooked perfectly:  not overdone, tender, and still retained a hint of the “juices”.  I will not fail to mention the crust and the sauce that was poured over the entire plate:  a smidge over amazing.  The crust was similar to that of a crème brule, slightly sweet, light, and made the dish, in my opinion.  The sauce further enhanced the dish; it was rich and intoxicating, so I did not need much of it.  The asparagus, corn, and mushrooms were scanty and served more of the purpose to compliment the fish, but I believe this was the perfect balance since I wanted to savor every bite.  If I were especially hungry, I would’ve made a happy plate and finished off the mashed potatoes that were whipped to a creaminess texture with no lumps (as I used to request from mom growing up), but alas, I could only put down one bite.  The desserts looked enticing, equally as rich, and were southern in nature:  banana pudding, mini doughnuts, etc. so I’d love to go back and order just from the dessert menu. 
Aside from amazing food, the service was exceptional.  We were greeted and sat immediately at high noon (although I had made reservations because I didn’t know how the crowd would be).  The waiter was equally as fast and attentive to our water/tea levels.  He seemed to have a thorough knowledge of the menu; however, he had a thick accent so it was a bit difficult to understand him. 
The scene was a good mix of older seniors, business lunches and couples enjoying their company.  It was fairly big inside but was complete with the white tablecloths, and had a simple, clean décor. 
Will I be back?  Absolutely, can’t wait to savor more. 

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