St. Genevieve - Upper Kirby - Brunch

Menu Selections:  Bottomless Mimosas, Chilequilas, Egg White and Goat Cheese Frittata, Table S'mores

If  you're looking for the perfect start to an all-out "Sunday Funday", this is it.  The majority of the crowd seems to consist of those that don't work on Mondays, whether it be the "industry" crowd, trust fund babies that live off of their parent's income, or, in my case, those that purposely planned to take Monday off to celebrate their birthday that fell on a Sunday.  Whatever the reason, it's hard to go home and not continue the party elsewhere after brunching in this lively atmosphere; the reveling is contagious.  Also, be sure to wear your Sunday (funday) best. 
Might I highly recommend starting with the bottomless mimosas, which I dare say, are the best in town.  That's a bold statement I 99.99% stand by, considering all of the competition.  They make them for you but don't skimp out on the champagne...more like champagne with a splash of juice-just perfect.  You also have the option of selecting from their unique flavors, like strawberry basil, for example.  After feeling nice and toasty, with a lingering smirk on your face, you're ready to order.  Their menu is formatted to appease any one's preference, as it consists of a wide variety:  traditional American, heavier comfort food, Mexican breakfast, and healthy Mediterranean.  I opted for the chilequilas (substituted a ranchero sauce for the mole), which seemed to be the winner of the table.  The tortilla strips maintained their crunch despite the satisfying runniness of the egg, and further had a spicy seasoning that was so addictive, a happy plate was inevitable.  My friends ordered the egg white frittata, which was somewhat bland and rather thin.  Perhaps they could add some Italian sausage/seasoned potatoes/cheese/yolk for flavor and consistency.  The less than stellar dish was quickly forgotten, however, with a few more delicious mimosas and the tableside s'mores.  The novelty of making your own s'mores in a restaurant was all that was needed, but they outdid themselves by adding an extra element:  dipping/drizzling sauces.  Bravo.
To finish, the service was outstanding for such a busy crowd:  attentive, friendly AND competent.  The combination is rather rare these days.  Well done, St. G, well done.
Will I be back?  On the next Monday I don't have to work...or, there's always sick days. 

Check it:  http://www.saintgen.com/brunch-menu/

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