Sage 400 - Galleria Area - Sushi

Menu Selections:  White Lotus Roll, Hamachi Carpaccio, Mochi Ice Cream

This restaurant is often overlooked as one of the top sushi contenders in town either due to it's location ("far" for us Heights/Montrose/River Oaks/Midtowners), or lack of publicity.  Whatever the reason, it's one of my favorites. 

I've been here for a lunch meeting but liked the food so much I wanted to see how the dinner fared.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover the ambiance was contagiously energizing.  On a Wednesday.  That speaks volumes.  We also only had to wait perhaps no longer than 10 minutes, without reservations, before being sat at a very roomy booth...pretty much near perfect service. 

Since I was the lady at the table, we started off with my favorite yellowtail, Hamachi Carpaccio.  It was topped with jalapeno, cilantro and drizzled with yuzu sauce, more of my favorites.  Such a tease for the rest to come, that yellowtail app.  We continued on with a variety of extremely original sashimi and rolls (tuna and spicy tuna), but the standout specialty roll was the White Lotus roll:  more spicy tuna with escolar, avocado and wasabi infused tobiko.  If the menu description doesn't do it for you (or you don't know that the hell all that is), the roll consisted of clean and distinct flavors that are often masked with an overabundance of ingredients or an overpowering sauce. The cold sake that I was coerced into drinking (I was previously na├»ve and thought I didn't like it) was so smooth and paired rather nicely with the sushi.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I have graduated from sake bombs.  Even in my state of euphoria form all the tuna and sake, dessert was still a must due to the sweet tooth I've lovingly inherited from my grandmother.  The Mochi Ice Cream, I believe, is intended to visually mimic sushi rolls, as they are various flavors of ice cream encapsulated by a very doughy "dough", which was actually a rice cake.  The strawberry and mango flavors took the "rice cake" and was a playful way to end an incredible dinner. 

Will I be back? 

Please refer to above. 


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