Coreano's - Food Truck - Korean/Mexican

Menu Selection:  The OG Burrito

This truck is usually found outside of Kung Fu, however, I learned of it at the Haute Wheels festival.  It definitely seemed to be one of the more popular trucks there; the length of the line was an obvious indicator.  When I first joined the line, I simply wanted a taco, but by the time I arrived to the front, I opted for The OG Burrito.  Well worth the wait.  Inhaling my purchase that was filled with a Korean influenced, tangy-sweet coleslaw, offset by crisp french fries, complete with beef short rib all integrated in a warm tortilla, proved to be way better than scratching my hungry hole.  My only "beef" is that I wish everything was mixed together prior to the placement in the tortilla.  Everything was separate, so that I only got a bite of one delicious ingredient at a time.

The service was complete with a smile, a napkin and a fork, which was the best there since I had to ask for these items at the other trucks.  Just the napkins and forks, not the smiles-I would've seemed like a bitch asking everyone for a smile. 

Will I be back?  If I find myself leaving Kung Fu over served, I will absolutely order some of the fries...they seem like they might very well prevent a hangover. 

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