Brasserie 19 - River Oaks - French

Menu Selections:  classic french onion soup, roasted young hen

I decided to prompt a customer to dine here one day due to an intense case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  The charming place very typical of a classic French Bistro has been all the buzz lately, so my FOMO got the best of me…and I’m glad it did, sooner than later.  Abundant smiling faces were seated in the crisp white wicker chairs, with touches of color from the rich flower bouquets and towers of cotton candy, scattered throughout. This was the sight I was soaking in after we sat that had an effect comparable to vitamin D:  it just made you feel happy all over.   In continuation of the enjoyable experience, the staff approached us with a full knowledge of the menu, was equally as friendly while the manager made several appearances at the table ensuring the guest’s expectations were met.  I started off with a cup of the French onion soup that had a thick layer of gruyere cheese (one of my favorites!) on top.  After you conquered this layer, thick and hearty onion soup was found underneath.  It’s easy to get carried away with this delicious soup and to not save room for the rest of your meal, of which, I almost made this rookie mistake.  The roasted hen entrée that arrived next was beautifully arranged and presented on the plate.  Vibrant colors of green sautéed spinach, roasted yellow cheery tomatoes and peaks of white mashed potato puree were surrounding the light thyme-herb crusted roasted hen.  The plate almost had me mistaken the date for the fourth Thursday of November.  Everything tasted as rich as the colors appeared and the herbs used on the hen were reminiscent of “summer” and were “fresh from the farm” in nature.   The hen was a tad bit difficult to cut and slightly dry, probably due to the roasting preparation.   However, this wasn’t enough to sway my overall experience of the place and food.  It was magnifique!!
Will I be back?  Oui, oui!   Que c'est délicieux.

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