Backstreet Cafe - River Oaks - American

Menu Selections:  grilled salmon tacos, tenderloin salad, grilled bacon wrapped quail

Upon entering the place, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a scale nicer than the casual atmosphere I was expecting.  But please don’t confuse “nice” with a standoffish, arrogant vibe that sometimes accompany higher end places.  This was quite the cozy, quaint place with a New Orleans-esque charm.  I’ve heard they’re known for their patio but since it was too hot to sit outside, I just peeked outside and decided I must come back on a cooler evening.  The trees were adorned with “twinkle” lights and it was enclosed to provide privacy; it overall looked romantic.  The server seemed a little odd and made a big production of unfolding our napkins and placing them in our lap.  Honestly, it was a little awkward and I could’ve done without.  Other than that, the service made par.  We ordered the quail for an appetizer, which I was skeptical of since quail is tricky to cook.  It was tender, however, and not too gamey as I had remembered, and the smoky bacon flavor heightened the flavor.  I mentally noted the dish, since bacon’s a great ingredient to include in anything if you’d like to impress a boy you’re cooking for.  ;) The “mush” it was served over turned out to be a biscuit drenched with savory juices…more delicious than the quail, in my opinion.  Next, came the salmon tacos!  The plate was adorned with three beautiful tacos that incorporated succulent, thick pieces of salmon, black bean paste, shredded lettuce and a green sauce to top it off if you preferred (I preferred).  It was more than enough food and they placed the focus on what matters the most, leaving the remaining ingredients simple-well done.  I tried my friend’s tenderloin salad, and by salad I mean a mix of corn and beans…a pico de gallo type of “salad”.  It was really fresh and had a tangy zip, but wasn’t what was expected.  Overall, great food combined with a homey atmosphere that I felt comfortable in made for a great experience. 

Will I be back?  Yes, I can’t wait to try out the patio in addition to sampling more of the great food!

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