Ruggles on the Green - River Oaks - American

Menu Selections:  Grilled fish tacos

I’ve always heard all the hype that organic, “green” food is better for you because it lacks preservatives, etc., but I wanted to put it to the taste test.  I will say that I was impressed with the array of choices….you could order anything from macaroni and cheese, to a light salad, to seafood to a hearty sandwich.  It was such a difficult choice selecting my order because everything looked so good!  It was a walk-up-and-order-and-take-your-number-to-the-table, kind of place.  So, I can’t really critique the service with the exception that one person’s sandwich was missing when everything else came out.  It was quickly corrected.   After the initial bite, I must say, the organic toppings on my fish tacos were extremely fresh and delicious!!  However, after a few more bites, I discovered the quality of the fish was lacking.  The outside of the fish was overcooked and the pieces weren’t the white, meaty pieces that I was hoping for.  They seemed to be the scrap pieces of the fish, if that’s possible. I regret that I didn’t try anything else as the other dishes looked delicious and maybe the fish tacos just aren’t their thing.  In addition, the desserts looked plentiful in portion and beautifully presented. I believe this place would be the perfect place to order just coffee and a dessert and chat with a girlfriend.  I say this because the ambiance resembled that of a La Madeline, which most consider a “girl’s place”. 

Will I be back?  Yes, with a girlfriend, for coffee and dessert. 

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