El Real - Montrose - Mexican

Menu Selections:  Enchilada Platter # 7 (cheese and beef sauce)

I’ll start off by saying that I have never heard of this place before a friend suggested it, but after going there, I dare say it rivals with the best of the Mexican places in the loop.  We ordered a pitcher of margaritas, which I’d highly recommend for those that like them on the stronger end of the scale….although, you definitely don’t many (unless you want to end up on the floor)!  The place had one large room, but the tables were strategically placed so we didn’t feel like we were sitting on top of the table next to us.  The crowd was a mix of families, hipsters, and young professionals:  typical of the Montrose crowd.  I split the Enchilada Platter #7 with my friend.  They were cheese enchiladas topped with carne sauce and more than enough for two.  The cheese was plentiful and gooey; the carne sauce hearty and greasy:  the perfect/worst guilty pleasure, depending on how you want to view it. It would be the best thing to order if you’re hung over from their margaritas the night before, if you plan on sleeping the entire afternoon, or if you love basic, greasy, tex-mex.   I will absolutely be back to order this exact dish for lunch after a long night out or to try something a bit lighter before an evening out.  Which brings me to an added bonus:  it’s walking distance to most of the popular bars in the area. 

Will I be back?  Absolutely.  The margaritas had me at hello and I'd like to try more.   

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Sci Guru said...

Love a great margarita!! Nice to know where to go to find one!!!