Dantons - Seafood - Montrose

Menu Selections:  Grilled Salmon, Peruvian Crab Au-Gratin, Yams, Cole-slaw, Oysters on the Half

Houstonians are always eager to try out the brand new, highly publicized restaurants, but often overlook some of the classics that have been around for years.  Danton's, especially.  I've never heard about it, but was curious every time I frequently passed it.  I finally pulled the trigger to give it a whirl, and it just so happened to be for the most important meal of the day-Sunday Brunch. 

As soon as we stepped inside, we were quickly greeted and sat, even though we didn't have reservations (I would recommend them however; we lucked out).  I instantly warmed up to the place.  Not only was it cozy, with dark wooden booths, classic pictures of fisherman and their catch, mounted fish and traditional seafood shaq d├ęcor, it was elegant, to boot.  Do wear your Sunday best.  There was a live jazz band swooning in the back of the restaurant, which made me want to stay and listen for hours.  A clever ploy if it's a brunch including alcohol, since the drinks aren't bottomless.  

There was some confusion on who was serving us...the bartender came around, as did a waiter and another waiter, but I'd rather have too much attention than none at all.  Typical girl.  They were all great, however, and quickly fixed a mistake of a wrong side. 

We started out with some fresh Gulf oysters on the half.  Amazing. But Gulf oysters usually are unless they've gone bad-then you're stuck with food poisoning for several days.  I pray this never taints my love for those slimy little suckers.  Moving on to the main dish, I went with the Peruvian Crab Au-Gratin, since I'm a firm believer that crab is it's own food group.  It was a baked dish consisting of a bountiful amount of plump jumbo lump crap, a comforting cheese sauce of sorts, with a semi-crispy crust consisting of Parmesan.  It was pretty heavy, but not overboard if you don't eat the entire thing.  Portion control! Their cole-slaw side was cider based (no mayo), which I loved because it gave it a crispier, zesty touch instead of the traditional based mayo slaw.  Plus, I hate mayo.  I also snuck a bite of my date's food when he went to the bathroom, since he doesn't like to share-jerk.  The salmon was grilled on a hickory wooden plank, which I believe brings out the best in salmon.  It was perfectly cooked and topped with a Bianca sauce, which is a smoky sauce with a hint of orange zest, and more than a hint of butter.  Pretty tasty stuff.  The yams could quite possibly have had crack in them.  It was blended to a mash then whipped lighter than air and had what I'm sure was plenty of brown sugar and butter, complete with walnuts.  It was so rich, it was dessert material

Danton's (dare I say?!) >; Goode Co. Seafood.  Notice I also put the and/or equal sign in there...regardless, it's a must try and would definitely be in my regular rotation if I still lived there.  Everything was well executed and I left as one happy camper.  And ready for a nap.  

Check it outhttp://www.dantonsseafood.com/

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