Black Walnut Cafe - River Oaks - American

Menu Selections:  Migas, French Toast, Mimosas

The Black Walnut Café should be in the regular rotation of brunch diners in Houston, if it's not already.  It has something to suit everyone, has large portions, at a McDonald's price.  It's the kind of place where you order at the register and take a number to the table, but don't judge a book by the cover and think this affects the quality of the food and the place.  It has a full bar, with a talented and friendly bartender included.  It is pretty casual inside, but has a quaint patio outside for tolerable Houston Spring, Fall and Winter days. 

The Migas were a knock out, which says a lot coming from a San Antonio native.  It wasn't served in the traditional scrambled fashion, but they looked and tasted like a huge omelet of typical migas ingredients. The tortilla strips maintained their crunch throughout the cheese blended eggs, which made for a comforting consistency.  The pico was also dispersed throughout and was kept light so it wouldn't overwhelm the dish.  And for the icing on the cake, a not-cheap-ass-restaurant-sized amount of guacamole was spread all over.  I threw in the towel at the half-way mark, but not willingly.  

In typical Iva fashion (one of my bff's) of ordering an additional plate to "share" for dessert for brunch, the French Toast appeared on our table.  I was reminiscent of Toaster Strudles while taking the first bite.  The icing was piled on thick, with an entire coating of fresh strawberries and crumbled walnuts, doused in maple syrup, all on top of extra sugary bread that even had a crème cheese filling, to boot.  Holy crack-for-breakfast, Batman.  I could only tolerate a few bites as I'm sure a diabetic coma would ensue if I had anymore.  It was amazing, don't get me wrong, but overload for one person (unless that's your cup of tea/crack).  I would suggest ordering it for a large table to share for dessert. 

The Mimosas weren't bottomless, but a carafe was only $25, and the bartender added my personal special ingredient of Grand Marnier.  Pulp haters-fair warning.  Ask if they have pulp free juice. 

Go to Black Walnut Café for brunch, if you haven't already.  I'm positive you'll be a fan. 

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