Katsuya - Upper Kirby - Sushi **Now closed-go figure**

Menu Selections:  White Grapefruit Cosmo, Seaweed Sunomono, Yellowtail Sushi, Special Katsuya Roll

Katsuya had much build up anticipating it's opening in Houston, since the original Los Angeles location is highly acclaimed.  I even believe it packed in the crowds for several months following, as many people were hoping that it would be akin to the quality of Uchi (original location in Austin).  I finally had the opportunity to try it out myself, however, and it turned out to be much ado about nothing. 

First of all, the crowds sure aren't packed in anymore.  My friends and I were worried about successfully reserving a table the day of, but we easily booked a table of 6 at prime dinner time on a Saturday.  The decor is very la-tee-dah and SOLA (soooo Los Angeles).  From the illuminated glass blocks with the depiction of a sushi knife encapsulated within, to the sexy portrayals of lips and eyes on the walls, all under a white wash of light throughout the restaurant...wait-are we in a Vegas club or a restaurant? 

The service, I will say, was pristine.  They must train the waitstaff very well at Katsuya school, for our waitress was prompt, proud of the food, and overall knowledgeable about the menu. 

The most important part of a dining experience (other than the company, of course), was a complete disappointment.  I don't mind to pay for great food...key word-great, but the quality was comparable to Kroger sushi.  The seaweed salad was good, but nothing better than any other seaweed salad I've had.  The yellowtail pieces
tasted exactly like Kroger sushi, slightly rubbery and worth the Kroger price.  Their "notorious" roll, the Katsuya Roll, had cucumber wrapped around it instead of rice.  What the hell?  If I wanted a salad, I would've ordered one.  The filling supposedly consisted of all my favorites:  tuna, yellowtail, salmon, scallop, crab and avocado...but the size of the roll and the quantity of the fish was so minuscule. Can you see all of that in pic below?! I actually believe the purpose of the cucumber wrapped around was to make the roll seem larger than it was.  I further sampled the other minuscule shrimp roll my friends ordered, and it actually revolted me.  If I wasn't in public, I would've spit it out in my napkin.  The cocktail was....meh...and $14.  The cherry and lemon garnish must have been imported from Japan. 

Katsuya Roll
And as if the disappointment wasn't enough, my body physically rejected the food.  Meaning, I literally got sick in the middle of the night and had to run to puke in the toilet. 

Will I go back?  Unless I'd like to spend 10 times the price of Kroger sushi only to puke.  Sounds like an expensive way to lose weight.  Uchi still reigns king and Sage 400, Fish, and even Aka are all way better than this stuff.

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