Branch Water Tavern - Washington Corridor - American **Now Closed- Go Figure**

Menu Selections:  French Toast and American Breakfast

The put the less burnt slice on top, hoping I wouldn't notice?

This place is terrible.  Every aspect of it.  And I highly believe (no pun intended) that the entire staff is high and/or drunk. 

Since brunch is my favorite meal, I excitedly purchased a Travelzoo coupon for brunch fare at this place, wanting to try it out for the first time.  I went with a friend and we sat outside on a cool (ish) sunny day.  The brunch featured bottomless mimosas, but I saw the bottom of my glass more often than not.  The waiter disappeared for long stints of time and the drink service was inconsistent with the glass size (varying from a large wine glass to a champagne flute to a carafe) and with the mimosas themselves (some more orange-y, or some even had vodka in it).  Moving on to the food, we ordered the American Breakfast and the French Toast.  After impatiently waiting for what seemed like an eternity, our food arrived.  My friend requested butter for her toast and salt and pepper for her eggs.  She must've rubbed the wrong waiter/genie lamp, because the butter arrived after she was finished eating and never received the salt and pepper.  My french toast was burnt.  Not blackened, or slightly charred for flavor...straight up burnt.  How hard is it for the cook to realize the toast is burnt and to make another couple of pieces??  How long does that take...I mean, really??  Making the best of the situation, the pineapple demiglaze on top of the toast made a good dipping sauce for my side of fruit.  However, this by no means compensated for the most important part of french toast, i.e. the toast.  It also wasn't "Texas Toast", what Ms. Baird's named the thicker sliced toast, which I believe is a detrimental factor to classifying french toast.   
The food, drinks, and service, were such a disappointment because the establishment itself has a convenient location and potential for a lively atmosphere.  There's a small semi-shaded patio outside with a romantic, upscale environment inside, including a DJ on Sundays.  Which also seemed a little out of place, but works if they're going for the Sunday Funday thing.  Needless to say, it was not a Sunday Fun-brunch.
On a follow up note, I tried it one more time, since I believe in second chances, and everything was just as bad. Except this time, I was informed that the computer said the kitchen was out of what I wanted to order, so I resorted to my second choice.  Our neighboring table then received what I initially wanted to eat after I was done with our meal. I was informed by our waitress it was the computers fault. Silly computers...

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