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Menu Selections:  the Homeroom Burger and Truffle Laced Hand-Cut Fries w/ Parmesan and Green Onions

This truck is frequently parked outside of one of my regular coffee shops, so I was excited to see that it was attending the Haute Wheels festival.  My friends and I had no restraints when it came to ordering; it was Fat Girl day, after all.  The Homeroom Burger pretty much had all of the standard ingredients you would expect at any high end comfort food place.  Juicy onions saturated with a fatty deliciousness, crisp bacon (complete slices, of course), a mound of melted cheddar, and...wait for it...a fried egg, all smothered the patty underneath.  My taste buds did not know what hit them when I took a bite, except that, they wanted more.  This burger was so addicting it was hard to remember I had other food to try.  The Truffle Fries seemed like an appropriate pairing to such an intense burger, however, the burger proved to be out of it's league.  I think a little more truffle oil could've been used, and it was difficult to keep the parmesan and green onion on the fries.  A seasoning could make for an improved alternative instead of the larger toppings to ensure a bite complete with all the flavors.

Will I be back??  Absolutely.  I can't wait to try each and every burger, each unique in it's own way. 

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 The burger picture does not do it justice, but you can see how it could easily be split (if you absolutely had to...)

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